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A podcast of arts and culture, from the writers and editors of The Arts Fuse magazine.

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    Ep 17 - When the games are so unjust...

    We have our first married couple on the show to talk video games, micro-transactions, and fear and loathing at PAX East. Then we welcome community organizer and children's books writer Jacob Kramer to talk about breaking the rules.

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    Ep 15 - REE-AL-O-TEE!

    Arts Fuse editor-in-chief rejoins the show to talk the continued demise of Boston fringe theater and Paula Vogel's Indecent. Matt tries, and fails, to convince Bill and Lucas to watch Game of Thrones.

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    Ep 12 - Howl at the loon

    Lucas covers a few highlights from the magazine, gives an arts update for the Boston area, and then some bonus content from our interview with Lloyd Schwartz.

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    Ep. 8 - Good riddance, 2018...

    It's the end of the year and we're tired, but you still deserve the best The Arts Fuse has to offer. Unfortunately, they sent us.

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